Who needs crypto marketing?

Anyone who runs a blockchain-based startup or crypto platform

Anyone who wants to create new revenue sources using the public blockchain

Crypto marketing should include any crypto-related revenue generation activities, which includes advertisement, affiliate marketing, PR (consultancy), consulting, training, consulting

How does crypto marketing benefit the founder?

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What are the benefits?

1. The cost of SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns is very expensive

It can be done for hundreds of dollars. But it may not guarantee the return of the investment.

With crypto marketing, you can do low-budget marketing campaigns with token sale, ICO, and crowdfunding events.

2. New cryptocurrency projects need money to run efficiently

Before ICO or a blockchain startup launch, they need some time to build a platform and sign up a team of experts. Thus, you can get paid for your expertise. You can help them.

3. Short term campaigns are popular and easy to understand

In traditional marketing, you need to create, distribute, and promote different versions and versions. During the campaign, you have to deal with the challenges of collecting enough money to survive

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