Benefits Of Being A Crypto Marketer

The crypto market is booming. Due to the risks involved in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies, the growth in market value is tremendous. That’s why a large number of crypto-related businesses and tech companies are scrambling to stay ahead in the race. Crypto marketing is one of the key techniques used to reach out to potential users and customers in a crypto environment.

For those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency or blockchain, here are five main benefits of being a crypto marketer:

  1. Promote Freedom: The crypto market is fueled by the belief of total freedom of money and privacy. The rising popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the result of this philosophy.
  2. Access To Latest News: Crypto markets are extremely volatile, and as a marketer you need to stay updated with news and topics about the currency. Often marketers get the short end of the stick by not keeping up with the news – even a simple retweet or notification on an ICO can earn you big bucks.
  3. Social Power: When it comes to creating a personal brand, it’s always a good idea to be one of the most followed, highly sought after people. It means you are a popular influencer, and all those likes and follows are very valuable. At NUXO you’ll be helping the community spread the word about the project.
  4. A New Revenue Stream: Every business has the desire to make more money, and it’s a dream for every entrepreneur to be a well-known brand in their sector.

The following are a few benefits of being a crypto marketer:

  1. Crypto marketing is low cost: Due to the nature of crypto marketing and technical problem solving, the costs are low. The cost of digital advertisement is 2 cents per 1,000 impressions. The cost of a crypto coin is $12 per coin. Therefore, the cost of digital marketing is very low.
  2. Crypto marketing is high volume and low cost: We have found that the crypto community is more active during times of heightened activity. During the early days of crypto there was huge and constant activity. However, during the current market, there is not that much traffic and the volume is lower.

However, during periods of sustained high activity there is a lot of traffic and the volume is high.

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